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Andrea    Sunday 22 May 2016 at 23:31

 Post #472 

Subject: Our Focus Group Invitation

Hi there! :) We are 2 students from the London College of Fashion and we are working with a plus size German brand looking to enter the UK market. We are hosting a focus group this Thursday May 26 in a Central London location (SE1) to gather opinions from potential customers. There will be complementary wine and some snacks, as well as a lovely rooftop/terrace viewing overlooking the London Eye. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated! Please reply to this post if you would be interested


Nicola    Tuesday 17 April 2012 at 20:28

 Post #281 

Subject: Spoilt for Choice

Hi Emma

Just a quick message to say thank you. Yesterday I received 2 packages through the post with all the items you altered for me. Last night I didn't know which one to try first!

The black Marina Rinaldi is the nicest linen shirt I have had in years and goes fantastically with the taupe Marina Rinaldi waistcoat - your recommendation couldn't have been more perfect.

The blue Anna Scholz dress looks great with all the tweaks to the length neckline and back, Steve has named it my Wedgewood dress.

The only thing that is now lacking is the weather in order to be able to wear it all (we have snow outside).

Thanks again!


 Emma    Monday 23 April 2012 at 14:36

Hi Nicola,

thanks for your lovely comments! I knew you would love the blouse: I think it's gorgeous. To be honest, I can take no credit for the fact that it went so well with the waistcoat, it was the one designed by Marina Rinaldi to do so. If you look at the tiny trim inside both garments, you will see it is the same. Ordinarily, this doesn't mean much to me: I much prefer to mix collections to create a unique look. However, certain ranges (Marina Rinaldi being one) needs no such intervention, because it's already creative and unique.

I love that dress, and I will be wearing it (weather permitting) to the Anna Scholz day. I've managed to find a pair of shoes that exact colour (I can't help it...I'm terrible!!).

I hope you enjoy wearing what you have, and do get in contact with us if you find you need anything else. I also hope the weather's warmer out there now!


Nicola    Friday 09 September 2011 at 14:37

 Post #241 

Subject: NP Jeans

Hi Emma

As you can see from the photo, Brynn was born on 23rd of August. All went smoothly with the birth and we are just trying to cope with the sleepless nights.

The reason for my post is that having had the baby, none of my clothes, especially trousers, now fit. My current NP jeans are all size 46 or bigger. Do you have them in a size 44?

We are planning to come over to the UK as soon as Brynn has a passport arranged but this isn't likely until the end of October (of course we'll be stopping by the shop). In the meantime it would be ideal if you could post some jeans over to me to tide me over.



 Emma    Friday 09 September 2011 at 16:10

Hi Nicola!!!

Hello, and hello, Brynn!! I have to say, that is one seriously gorgeous baby! Thank you so much for the lovely photograph.

You may have started the dreadful downward path towards the very bottom of our size range! We don't always have 44s in stock, and, when we do, they are our smallest size. I can't understate the seriousness of the situation, now, Nicola...if you continue to lose weight in this way, you may drop off the bottom of our size range!

There are some really excellent NP jeans that I can thoroughly recommend this season; I will order you some, and send them through to you. You can tell me what you think of them. It may take a week or so to get them to you, so I hope you can hold out until they arrive...try wearing a belt!

We so look forward to seeing you and Brynn soon-


 Nicola    Saturday 10 September 2011 at 11:45

Many thanks for your reply Emma. Yes, whilst losing weight is great, it is also a worry to know that I am heading towards the lower end of your size range as this by no means leaves me within the standard size range of most womenswear retailers. Also I can't imagine going anywhere else to buy my clothes!

Please drop me an e-mail when you have them in.

I think Brynn is gorgeous too but of course I'm his mum!

Speak to you soon


 Emma    Saturday 10 September 2011 at 13:05

Nicola, I promise that I will always do my best to get clothes for you... even if I have to order them in specially!


Emma    Saturday 23 April 2011 at 11:52

 Post #211 

Subject: Holiday pics....

My thanks go to Angela Brown, and her gorgeous husband, who came in today and were kind enough to bring us in some of the holiday snaps they took during their recent cruise....

Angela looked resplendent on the decks of the Queen Mary, wearing her Emma Plus smart casual outfits. And superb in her smart dresses for evening.

It really is so lovely for us to be able to see the fruits of our labour here in the shop... beautifully attired, stylish women!


 Angela Brown    Sunday 24 April 2011 at 15:55

I'm glad you liked the photos.
Thanks for the help yesterday in choosing my summer dresses. I wore the shorter one yesterday lunch time!


 Emma    Sunday 24 April 2011 at 21:26

I loved you in that shorter dress, Angela- I'm so glad you went for it!


Nicola    Monday 11 April 2011 at 13:28

 Post #207 

Subject: Advice / Ideas needed

Hi Emma

Hope you are all well over in Brighton and that you are holding on to the Spring sunshine. Here it has be over 25ºC every day for 10 days now but with Easter holidays next week it's bound to take a turn for the worse!

Unfortunately, I won’t be over to see you this spring as I currently have a rapidly expanding waistline which has nothing to do with over indulging, rather I’m 5 months pregnant.

So far I still fit into my softer waisted NP and Brand trousers and I’ve been able to let out my NP jeans but I guess it won’t be long till I need another solution. I was wondering if you could suggest some elasticated waist trousers in linen or another cool fabric which might do me through the summer and also if you have any leggings similar to the ¾ length ones you had last summer which I could team-up with a long shirt and loose camisole top for work?

Any ideas for tops & bottoms would be greatly appreciated!



 Emma    Monday 11 April 2011 at 22:52

Hi Nicola!

So good to hear from you...and isn't it wonderful about your news!

My top recommendation for trousers for you in your particular situation would be some of the Brand 'sensitive' trousers. They are a lovely soft, stretchy fabric, with a comfortable waistband, and are made from a fabric specially developed to keep the body cool. They wash perfectly and need no ironing-essential for everyday wear!

We do have other trousers (including linen ones, although I would caution against most linen trousers during a pregnancy. The problem with a lot of linen is that it has almost no stretch, so can split if too much strain is put on the fabric. Having said this, Anna Scholz has done some superb stretch linen this season, and I will try to check the availability for you). The options for trousers are wide (pardon the pun), so you will not have too much of a problem during your pregnancy.

As far as tops are concerned, there are some gorgeous ones this season. I think it would be a good idea if you could send us your waist measurement (privately; it isn't necessary to put this on the forum!), and we can pick out some tops for you. One you may be thrilled with is a variant on the linen Marina Rinaldi linen shirt that both you and I had last year (you still have the black one, I think?). This time it is a top (rather than blouse) with a gather, so it falls loosely. It really is a beautiful fine linen, and comes in a chambray colour.

However, there are so many tops, you are spoiled for choice. I think that, perhaps, five minutes on the phone to us here in the shop will sort out a pile of possibles for you to be sent!

I hope you continue well....I can't wait to meet the new addition to your family! We all wish you the very, very best, Nicola!!!


 Nicola    Tuesday 12 April 2011 at 20:10

Thanks for your reply and best wishes. I am holiday all next week so will probably ring Tuesday some time if you are around.



Nellie    Thursday 23 September 2010 at 01:16

 Post #165 

Subject: your friends fr. L.A.

Hi Emma,

I am so fascinated by your fashion ideas...and you inspire me with your beautiful styles. I wish you are closer to warm and breezy Los Angeles, California, USA....where fantastic Hollywood is....where the fabulous starts really shine!

I'm sharing a picture of interest taken in the Philippines which you can put in your ''overseas'' picture gallery ( taken in a wonderful Eden Nature Resort in Davao during our visit there )...

Just hope you read a separate e-mail that I sent through my e-mail add..., hey, I don't mind modelling around one of your lovely apparels...hope we can meet in L.A. why not?

Cheers to you Emma!:-)

Your new fan and a fashion lover,
La Nelle


 Emma    Thursday 23 September 2010 at 20:03

Hi Nellie!

Thank you for your lovely positive comments, and fabulous picture. That peacock is the epitome of glamour!

It seems so unreal to be able to converse with someone over in tinseltown, via cyberspace! And very flattering that you would take an interest in our forum!

Thank you for admiring our styles, which sadly I can take no credit for. Because we don't design anything ourselves, all the admiration has to be reserved for the fantastic designers who are working in our industry now. We are very lucky to be living in a time when every year sees great improvements in what is available for us to buy.

If I do make it over the other side of 'the pond', I will be sure to look you up!


 Nellie    Thursday 23 September 2010 at 22:53

It's certainly a pleasure, Emma!

And yes, you're right, the cyberspace has allowed people, from perhaps, all over the universe, to connect to each other. Been reading the blogs of your friends in your forum...and true enough, it is simply amazing what you do for people who have the desire for fabulous fashion and still feel great about their looks in spite of the size....who cares about the size....? ha ha ha!

Here's a picture in one of my strolls at Universal Studio mall in Hollywood...one of the most visited spots by LA visitors...where you can find lots of stores and resto bars...and that's me, in my black/psychedelic tops (inspired with a gold-snake accessory) over denim pants which I bought from JCPenney of USA...

May your great ideas keep coming...thanks to UK-based fashion designers which I can connect with virtually through your website...I am a big fan of websites with great ideas...you really attract your success Emma because you are passionate about what you do...!

Warm regards,

La Nelle of L.A.

 Emma    Friday 24 September 2010 at 13:20

Hi Nellie!

It's wonderful to see you in what we (in a rather damp Britain) would regard as a very exotic environment!

I love your outfit choice of colour, pattern and accessories!

Vivian    Monday 11 January 2010 at 08:51

 Post #104 

Subject: Is it just a DREAM ....?

Dear Emma,
Just when I find what I've been looking for, it's beyond my reach! I live across the pond in the US. Traveling to Brighton is not possible. What is a girl to do? Am I destined to live out my life in less flattering clothing, never reaching my full feminine potential? :) Or will Brighton share you with all of us, perhaps allowing you to travel and 'bring' some of your beautiful pieces to those of us less fortunate to live nearby? Doesn't the rest of the world deserve to be transformed? Or will we have to continue visiting your website and just DREAM?

P.S: The music on your website is beautiful. Who is the artist and what is the name of the song?


 Emma    Monday 11 January 2010 at 23:57

Hi Vivian!

Thank you for your lovely post. It's great that we can reach people from all over the world with our forum.

I can only make two observations about your predicament. The first one is that you sound like the kind of woman with the sense of style and imagination who could really make a go of starting up your own designer store....And the second is that if, as you say, there is nowhere near you that sells beautiful clothes-it would be bound to be a success!!

I've always said, if there is anyone out there in cyberspace who is thinking about starting a store, I will give what advice I can.

I love the photograph you have posted-a view from your back porch, I imagine? If it were, there would certainly be some compensations in living there-even if the local fashion left something to be desired!

I have had a chat with my IT supremo, and he is making enquiries about the music. Hopefully, we will be able to get back to you with details of the artist and song title.


 Vivian    Tuesday 12 January 2010 at 06:17

Dear Emma,
I wish the picture from my previous post was what I looked out on each day (It's a picture of French Polynesia, Tahiti I believe)... I was dreaming. The picture I've attached to this post is what I see here in Southwest Florida, just 15 minutes over the bridge and I'm on the beach! Our surroundings, can be compensation in a way ...Thank you for your 'positive perspective'...Just think if Cinderella didn't have a positive outlook, she couldn't have pulled it off at the Ball - beautiful clothes or not! You've got me thinking seriously about a few things .... A small business...hhmmmm. Emma, how would I start to create my own business in this economy?

 Emma    Wednesday 13 January 2010 at 01:22

Hi Vivian!

I was being tongue-in-cheek about the view from your back porch, but it turns out you really do have a beautiful ocean not far from where you live (thanks for the photo)!

It's not part of my job to encourage people to start up a fashion store...that's a very stressful, difficult and financially dangerous thing to do, and it really would have to be something you are 100% sure about from the outset.

However, you mention the problem of starting a business 'in this economy', by which I think you may mean the current economic downturn. If it is only the the ongoing recession that is holding you back, it's worth noting that I started my business during a serious recession. In fact I believe that I would never have been able to obtain the store that I have now, if there hadn't been an economic downturn when I started out.

Opening the store is positively the best thing I have ever done, and I still surprise myself when I think about how lucky I am. I really love the fashion industry-particularly the plus-size fashion business, which must be the most rewarding way of making a living known to womankind!


Kirsten James    Friday 11 December 2009 at 21:24

 Post #98 

Subject: Spring Collections

Emma, I wish I had a reason to visit England and your store, but in the meantime, I do check out your blog and love it! I just found your September post about Anna Scholz's Spring collection (I was googling just to see if I could find photos of a preview somewhere!) and am now waiting with baited breath.... When will it be out? My step-son is getting married in May and I am thinking that one of her Spring dresses just might be the ticket for me.

Oh and if you ever do open an online boutiques, please ship to the U.S.! We really do not have the selection you do in Europe. I live in Dallas, TX and sadly, we do not have an upscale plus boutique at all! In fact, I have been musing recently about opening one someday.....

Thanks and best wishes for the holidays and your big renovation coming up!


 Emma    Sunday 13 December 2009 at 11:22

Hi Kirsten

Thank you for your post - it’s always surprising to realise that people all over the world read our forum!

You are obviously very good at ferreting out information. As far as I know, our forum is the only place anywhere where you can find advance images of next season’s Anna Scholz collection! Honestly, I think the only reason why Anna lets us display the pictures is because she likes us!

The collection starts to come into the stores after Christmas, usually some time during January/February. Please don't worry about obtaining what you want, when you want it, for next season... one of the main purposes of the Spring/Summer collections is to provide beautiful dresses for spring weddings! Next season Anna has really surpassed herself, and you will be thrilled!

I haven’t checked with Anna, but I think that she may be able to advise you on how you will be able to buy her clothes in the US. It may be worth emailing her - her company is lovely and there may well be some way that they can help you. I would really recommend going the extra mile to get her items if you can - I don’t know of any better designer in our size range.

Surely someone could start a really smart boutique in Dallas! It would certainly be a wonderful success. If you, or anyone out there wants to do it - I promise I will give what advice I can!


 Kirsten Brandt James    Sunday 13 December 2009 at 20:27

Thanks Emma! I have had great luck with online orders from Neiman's and La Grande Dame for Anna's styles and have ordered a couple of things directly from her site. You are right that her staff is great, Winnie has been very helpful! Anyway, I will look for new styles in January/February. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday seaon. One my favorite memories is the year my family spend Christmas in Canterbury and then had New Year's in London. Take care.


 Emma    Monday 14 December 2009 at 01:05

Hi Kirsten

You really are clued up - I doubt if there is anything I could tell you about sourcing our kind of fashion online!

And you appear to be a great Anglophile too - obviously a woman of impeccable taste! It must have been wonderfully Christmassy in Canterbury - what a great place to choose for the time of year.

I hope you have a lovely holiday season and a very happy New Year.

And may the fashion fairy smile on you... and bring you a gorgeous dress for your stepson's wedding!


Diane Vernon    Wednesday 13 May 2009 at 00:39

 Post #43 

Subject: Fashion in Australia

Hello, I love your website, please bring your store to Australia. We don't have a lot of stores who cater for the fuller figure over here. Certainly not with a lot of lovely colour. They seem to have lots of black and no dresses. I have not been able to buy a dress that doesn't make me look like a sack in years!
Keep up the good work
Kind Regards
Diane Vernon
P.S. If anyone does know of a shop like yours in Australia, please let me know!


 Emma    Wednesday 13 May 2009 at 10:10

Hi Diane

That was a cry from the heart! I do feel for women who live too far away from the stores they would like to frequent, or find real difficulty in hearing about good shops in their own area.

Dressing yourself is a hugely important way of expressing your own personality, and you can feel stifled if you are not given access to clothes that gel with your desired image.

It’s not the first time I have heard from women in Australia bemoaning the availability of large-size designer fashion. When I was there myself, I didn’t manage to make any headway in finding any interesting stores.

Perhaps the forum will throw up a gem. If it doesn’t, perhaps you will consider opening one yourself!


Lara, Melbourne Australia    Tuesday 12 May 2009 at 15:36

 Post #41 

Subject: Still missing you!

Seven years ago I took on a work assignment in the UK; lived in Hayward's Heath, worked in Sayer's Common, explored the lanes and byways of Brighton on weekends. And one Saturday, there I found Emma and her staff as I stumbled out of the Church St carpark.

Coming from a mass-production-oriented, anything-in-black-is-what-they-deserve environment here in Australia; I was overjoyed to discover Emma's range. Actually, I think I was quietly prodded out the door at closing time after several hours on my first visit; thankyou in retrospect for your patience, ladies.

I'm still wearing two of the lovely pieces I found that first weekend - a beautiful faux-houndstooth swing jacket and an elegant heavy black tunic; although the tunic is showing signs of age at this stage. The wonderful aubergine coloured pure wool knitted coat I fell in love with at first sight the same weekend has - only recently - fallen into it's second life as my dressing gown; it is still appreciated and loved.

I'm saving for a return visit; my husband is slowly growing accustomed to the idea of a trip to the UK so I can shop properly again. Hope to see you soon; and if not, can I be your Australian agent? Please? *smile*


 Emma    Tuesday 12 May 2009 at 17:39

Hi Lara

So great to hear from you! And thank you for your lovely post. I’m pleased to say that the collection is getting better and better. I do think the designers are producing more for the larger woman each season.

Here is a piccie of Jaq and me, taken at Christmas, looking quite merry!

I envy you in Australia - I’ve got friends out there in Sydney, and I’m really looking forward to visiting them again. I went a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Maybe when I go next time, I could bring an extra bag of goodies for you!

Just tell me if you ever want to start your own shop over there - I promise to give all the help I can...

We all remember you, and are so glad that you have happy memories of us - we’re still missing you too!

Arantza Baena Esandi    Friday 13 March 2009 at 05:50

 Post #17 

Subject: to buy

Hi Emma: I'm Spanish, from the north, just in San Sebastian (a lovely city). I would like to know if you can buy your clothes from here. I think very nice. You write with a traductor. Please tell me something soon. Thank you very much.


 Emma    Friday 13 March 2009 at 13:59

Dear Arantza

Thank you for your enquiry. I am glad you like our clothes. We are not set up for mail order at the moment. We want to do some in the future, however, so if you are interested then please add your details to our online mailing list and we will contact you at the appropriate time.

We do send out some clothes (we even have an existing customer in Spain), and are happy to do so. When we do this we are acting like a 'personal shopper'; that is to say, selecting the clothes we think a customer will like, in a size and fit that is right for them. This is usually very successful, with anything that is not right just being refunded.

My worry in your case is that, in order to do this, we usually spend some time chatting to our customers on the telephone and getting a really good idea of them and their requirements. From your post, I understand that you would need a 'traductor' - a translator - and I am concerned that the level of communication between us may not be good enough for a 'personal shopper' type relationship.

Of course I may be very wrong about this - your post was in excellent English. But I do not have any Spanish, I'm afraid. If you would like to talk to us (I'm so sorry, it has to be in English!) then please call 0044 1273 327240, and ask to speak to Jaq or Emma.


 Nicola Chapman    Tuesday 17 March 2009 at 14:33

Hola Artanza

Soy inglesa pero actualmente vivo en Madrid. Voy 2 veces al año para comprar toda mi ropa en Emma Plus porque siempre tienen muchas cosas para elegir. Aquí en españa no he encontrado muchos sitios donde se vende tallas grandes salvo en El Corte Ingles que es muy cara y la selección está limitada.

Si tienes la posibilidad de visitar a su tienda merece la pena y con el cambio entre el euro y la libra ahora sale más barato. Brighton tambien es una ciudad muy bonita para pasar un fin de semana!



 Emma    Tuesday 17 March 2009 at 17:50

Hello Nicola

I would like to thank you so much for writing this post! For all those out there in cyberspace, Nicola is our customer who lives in Spain! She has taken the time to write to Artanza in Spanish.

I hope you don't mind, Nicola, if I just put a little translation of what you've said here, for the benefit of the English speakers!

'Hello Artanza

I am English but at present I live in Madrid. I go twice a year to buy all my clothes in Emma Plus because they always have many things to choose from. Here in Spain I have not found many places where large sizes are sold, except in The English Cut, which is very expensive and with a limited selection.

If you have the possibility to visit this store, it is worthwhile and with the changes between the euro and the pound, now it is cheaper. Brighton is a very pretty city to pass a weekend!

Greetings NICOLA'


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